How to Transfer iTunes Library to a NAS?

Outline: With the appearance of the drawbacks of iTunes, more and more people choose to transfer iTunes Library to NAS for more convenient usage.

   “My hard drive is too full and slow. And i need elementary instructions how to unload my iTunes Library on mac mini into a NAS. I’m pretty much overloaded with just old podcasts, many of which I’ve made notes on iTunes. I still want them all to be handy and accessible. I am an old newbie at this. And I’m getting frustrated spending days trying to find the answer myself. Appreciate much help.”

A Network Attached Storage (NAS) device is a storage device connected to a network that allows storage and retrieval of data from a centralized location for authorized network users and heterogeneous clients.A NAS is like having a private cloud in the office. It’s faster, less expensive and provides all the benefits of a public cloud onsite, giving you complete control with the below characteristics:
  •     Simple to operate, a dedicated IT professional is often not required
  •     Lower cost
  •     Easy to use for back up of data, so it’s always accessible when you need it
  •     Good at centralizing data storage in a safe, reliable way

With the further use of iTunes, more and more people find the drawbacks of it:
      1.Never work best except with Apple products.
      2.Lack of officially supported server component.
      3.Not enough space for the iTunes videos.
      4.DRM makes restriction in many aspects.
Meanwhile, people discover the convenience of NAS.So many people start to offload iTunes Library to a NAS.

Offloading iTunes to a NAS has such benefits, but how can we get it? Pavtube ChewTune will help you. Pavtube ChewTune can legally remove iTunes DRM protection from iTunes movies or TV-shows, BD/DVD Digital Copies, Amazon Instant Video, BBC iPlayer, etc. And it can transfer iTunes Library to NAS with original video quality quickly. Besides, it supports batch conversion and auto-shutdown after conversion.(Read ChewTune Review)

Free download and install:

Other Download:
Pavtube Old Site Download:

How to offload iTunes library to a NAS?

Step 1: Add iTunes Video to iTunes to NAS Converter

Add iTunes video to this converter. You just need to click "File" to load videos as showed below.

Step 2: Customize the output format

Click "Format" bar to navigate to“Common Video” to choose DivX AVI as the output which take up smaller storage space and can be played on Smart Phones and WD TV.

Step 3: Start the conversion
Click the big round icon "Convert" in the bottom right corner to start the iTunes to NAS conversion.

Transfer iTunes videos onto NAS

Open your NAS and create a target directory inside the share, so that you have a specific folder to point iTunes at.

Next, start your iTunes, open the application preferences pane, and click the "Advanced" tab. find the "iTunes Media folder location" box. Click the "Change" button next to the box. You'll get a file picker dialog box, which you should point at the network folder you've previously created.

When you click "OK" to close the Preferences pane, iTunes will ask you if you want to move and rename files in the new location to match the "Keep iTunes Media folder organized" preference- say yes.

Navigate to "File" > "Library" > "Organize Library." to actually move the files. when the copy completes successfully, that means you have unload iTunes to NAS.

When you finished all the steps above, you can play your iTunes videos via NAS in different devices and share with your family at home. Enjoy!

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