Put Blu-ray to WD TV Box Hard Drive for transporting films

Outline: Putting Blu-ray movies on WD TV Box Hard Drive can transport your movies conveniently. But how to put Blu-ray to WD TV Box Hard Drive for transporting films. Don’t worry, there is a simple way.

Go to cinema when you want to enjoy a classic or popular movie? You’re out! The X-generation seldom goes to cinema excepting dating with a new girl. How do they enjoy movies? The fashion way is buying Blu-ray movies which can offer you high requirement for resolution, usually from Amazon, and put it to WDTV box hard drive. Then they can transport a range of films to the RV to watch at weekends. You say WD TV can’t play Blu-ray directly? OK, you are right! Now, let me tell you how to put Blu-ray to WD TV Box Hard Drive in a simple way.

First of all, please download and install Pavtube ByteCopy:


The Equivalent Mac Version: ByteCopy for Mac

Why do we choose ByteCopy to transform Blu-ray to WD TV Box Hard Drive?

Pavtube ByteCopy is the best solution to watch Blu-ray movies on WD TV Box. It offers Blu-ray to WD TV  backup in lossless MKV with multiple audio/subtitle tracks. Besides MKV, you are able to create multi-track MOVMP4 and AVI files to meet the requirements for not only WD TV, but also more media players, mobile devices, servers and game consoles,etc. It also enables you to export single SRT subtitle file from source Blu-ray movie.

Step by Step Guide on How to Backup Blu-ray to WD TV Box Hard Drive

Step 1: Load Blu-ray movie

Run this Blu-ray to WD TV converter and click “File” and “Load IFO/ISO” to add Blu-ray files you want to play with your WD TV Box Hard Drive.

Step 2: Choose Lossless MKV as output format

To preserve 1:1 video quality, Lossless MKV will be a perfect output video format. Click the format bar to follow “Multi-track Video” > “Lossless/encoded Multi-track MKV (*.mkv)” which well preserves multiple subtitles/audio tracks and chapter markers.

Step 3: Start converting Blu-ray

Click the button “Convert” on bottom right to get down to converting your Blu-ray files to WD TV Box. And after conversion, you’ll get the converted Blu-ray in Lossless MKV format.

Now the Blu-ray files are supported by WD TV Box, and then you can stream them to your TV for free enjoyment. And still you’ll find no difficulty connecting a WD TV to the devices in your home theater system for enjoy movies without going out. If you have DVD disc at home, you can rip DVD to WD TV with this software, too.

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