Convert BBC iPlayer Video to AVI for Watching Easily

Outline:Plenty of BBC iPlayer users want to convert BBC iPlayer video to AVI videos to play it on other media players. Here just is a detailed tutorial.

BBC iPlayer is an internet streaming catchup television and radio service for people. There, you can watch past seven days of BBC programming and TV/Radio programming. Some people like to download BBC iPlayer for playback on their potable devices. But due to BBC iPlayer Conditions and terms No. 5: "in order to meet the BBC's obligations to rights holders, the BBC will embedded downloadable BBC with digital rights management security”, you can not play BBC iPlayer on other portable players such as iPod, since it said "the technology is not compatible with any other media players". So for playing BBC iPlayer freely, you should remove the DRM protection and convert BBC iPlayer video to other formats. According to the storage size and compatibility, converting BBC iPlayer video to AVI is the best choice. 

AVI is the container file format, which has become the most popular file type for sharing high-quality video on the Internet. AVI files can hold different types of video and audio streams inside, and with the help of DivX video compression technology, they can display incredible video quality while maintaining a small file size. So it often is the first choice when people convert BBC iPlayer video. 

When you want to change BBC iPlayer video to AVI, you should need DRM removal. Pavtube ChewTune is a professional, smart and easy-to-use DRM Removal and Recorder here. It adopts an unique DRM decrypting technique to strip DRM off and then change BBC iPlayer video to AVI. With the all-in-one DRM removal and recorder, you can record and convert both DRM-ed BBC iPlayer video/music to AVI and other popular video/audio formats with 1:1 original quality. These videos can be played on ALC. 

What’s more, except for BBC iPlayer, it also can legally remove DRM protection from videos downloaded from iTunes,Amazon, Zune Marketplace, etc and get rid of DRM-protected "Digital Copy" movies that bundled with recent DVD or Blu-ray titles. (Read DRM Removal Review.)

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Tutorial on convert BBC iPlayer video to AVI with DRM Removal

Step 1: Load BBC iPlayer video to the program.

Click "Add Video/Audio" or "Add from folder" from "File" drop-down menu to load BBC iPlayer  DRM videos or TV episodes to the program.

Step 2: Choose AVI format and set profile.

Click the "Format" bar, find common video category, then select DivX AVI format as output.

Tip: From “Profile settings”, you can adjust video codec, size, bitrate and audio codec, size, etc to get better video quality. 

Step 3:  Start to convert BBC iPlayer video to AVI process

Press the right-bottom "Convert" button to start to record BBC iPlayer videos to AVI formats.

After these simple steps you have removed DRM and convert BBC iPlayer video to AVI. Now you can freely to use them without any restrictions.

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